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CNG Kit and Cylinder :

We are  Importing  CNG Kits and CNG Cylinders from Italy . The world famous brand "ZAVOLI" for CNG kit and "FABER" for CNG Cylinder. They maintain high quality and security system for high pressure Gas management system in Natural Gas vehicles. We are the Exclusive distributor of  ZAVOLI s.r.l. of Italy


Auto Garage Equipments :

We importing Auto Garage Equipment from Italy, England, Korea, Taiwan and China .

We have marketing network of different brand of Equipment as per our customers requirement; like  "CORGHI", "Mondolfo Ferro" of Italy. "Astron" of England. Also "Bear", "Nanhua", "Sysokean", "Launch" , "Koeng" etc .

Our Imported product lines for Auto Garage Equipments are :

Car Lift, Car scanner, Gas Analyzer, Engine Analyzer, Computerized Wheel Aligner, Wheel Balancer, Tyre Changer, ATF Changer, Gasoline Injector cleaner, AC gas charger , Floor Jack , Painting Booth etc.

We have our technical experts to provide after sales service to our customers countrywide .

Consumers Items :

We are Importing consumers items like , Water purification Systems , Solar power system, Energy saving lamps.